The History of Death

Author’s Note:
I wrote this as my summer book project for the book, THE BOOK THIEF. In case you haven’t read the book or seen the movie, SPOILER ALERT, the whole book and the beginning of the movie is narrated by Death. Here is THE HISTORY OF DEATH, by Morgan Allen.

You already know my name. Although, before now, you might not have thought of it as a name such as one belonging to a person, so much as a word for something that happens. I am Death, and my story has rarely been uncovered. I told a small amount about myself in the novel called THE BOOK THIEF, but I did not reveal my origin. I did not think it was the proper time. I have decided that now is the moment to uncover my history.
There was a time in which all souls knew where the path was that would take them on a new journey. The journey after death. But eventually it became increasingly harder to find. Souls would get lost. Many of them never made it to the path at all. Of course at the time I had no idea that this was happening. To me when someone died, they did just that. They died.
I was too young to think about what happened after death. I was only a child. Then, the night my mother died, I cried and my eyes flamed with acid tears and my heart burst. I was never the same afterwards. I kept going on the hope that I would see her again after death. I created a fantasy of a gate with my mother standing under it, waiting for her beloved son.
But that dream never came to reality for me. I did see her one more time, after I died, but I was not to go with her on her final journey. I was to stay behind and clear the earth of the wandering souls that were stuck there. At first I did not understand why I could not go with her. I did not understand why I had to stay behind while she took her first step beyond the gate.
Then in my mind I realized. I understood how all of the wandering souls of this earth felt. I understood, because I had felt the same way after my mother had died. Lost. Almost completely hopeless. For me, in that time, there was only one hope left, that I would get to see her and go on that journey with her to our new life, whatever that may be. I understood, and so I let go. I told my mother I loved her for the last time. I turned and began my work. I didn’t look back. I knew my purpose now.
I was slower at first. I was not yet accustomed to my job, but after a few decades you kind of figure things out. After several centuries I had perfected my work. But rarely had I encountered someone as many times through death as Liesel Meminger, the book thief.


I rush about my house. The Monster is after me again. It has to hands and 12 numbers on its face. I must say, it is quite odd. I must hurry to get to the Somewhat Safe Haven. I hurry to change out of my pajamas into my clothes, for my very helpful, but also very annoying friend has only just woken me up. I eat hastily then go into the bathroom to brush my teeth. I close the door and feel instant, but false relief. I know I cannot stay in here forever, but I want to enjoy the security while it lasts. The Monster and my mother are good friends, but she tells me to hurry otherwise the monster will eat me. I finish hurriedly and stick my tooth brush back into its holder. Then I turn the door knob hesitantly for fear of being devoured, then I leap aside as the Monster pounces. I run through the house and grab my supplies as I sprint out the door toward the shuttle, just leaving, that was to be my escape. Instead I climb on my own speeder and rush after the shuttle, the Monster right behind me. As I pass the shuttle, I see the other kids it is waiting for to help them escape their own Monsters. All of them look the same, but all of them only chase one child. As I crest the hill, urging my speeder onward. I see the Somewhat Safe Haven. As I pull into the parking lot I thrust my speeder into the rack and rush inside. Just as I enter the bell rings and I must hurry to get my books from my locker, hurry to my first class, and get away from my Monster, which is Time.

Esther’s Story

Victoria Upton


Mr. Wade


Phrase Forge Project

            When Mordecai the Jew was a young man has was introduced to his cousin, who he had never previously met. Her name was Hadassah, although she was known more commonly as Esther. She had never known who her mother and father were because they had passed away when she was very young. So, he took her in and reared her in the right direction. When Esther was young, she was an extremely obedient young girl. She listened to Mordecai’s direction and grew to be a lovely young lady. One day, she was going to the well to fetch water as Mordecai had told her when she met a man. He was a very handsome looking young man. Although, because it was not customary for Jewish men and women to talk without it being arranged in public, they did not speak, she went home thinking about that man for the rest of the evening.

            The next morning, Esther told Mordecai about this young gentleman. He paid a visit to the family and he arranged a meeting for the young man and Esther. Over a certain amount of time, the families arranged a marriage for the young couple. The families were nothing but ecstatic for the uniting of the two young individuals. However, during this time, there had been an altercation between the king and queen and the queen had been banned from the king’s presence and ordered to be replaced. Therefore, an edict had been issued stating that all the beautiful virgins from the surrounding areas should be summoned to the palace for the king’s examination.

            This was obviously a great devastation to the young man Esther was betrothed to and both the families. She endured the depression from being pulled away from her true love for several months. However, while she was in the palace she was pampered and treated better than she had ever been before. She was given six months of beauty treatments, seven servants, and special food because the overseer of the women had taken special interest in Esther. She was very fortunate to have received this treatment, for it allowed her to be able to later please the king all the more. During her beauty treatments, Mordecai would check on her on a daily basis, walking beside the court of harem. At one point during her beauty treatments, her true love came to visit her. He was caught trying to enter the palace and was thought to be an intruder. He was ordered to be executed for fear he would attempt to kill the king. Once Esther got the news, she went into a deep depression, but still remained faithful to God.

            When it eventually became time for Esther to appear before the king, she simply prepared herself with what Hegai, her overseer, recommended. She won favor with the king more than any other virgin presented to him. She listened to Mordecai and was obedient to her newfound husband. She also hid her Jewish background from her husband because the Jews were not favored in the government at this time. Mordecai had been sitting at the King’s gate when he overheard two guard discussing plans to overthrow the king. When he told Esther this and the two men were hung on the gallows.

            When it was found that Mordecai had not been kneeling for the king at the royal gate, it was also revealed that Mordecai was a Jew. Haman, who was in charge of the guards at this time, granted he had been promoted to the highest-ranked official in the government, then attempted to find a way to eliminate all the Jews. He went to the king and got permission to eliminate the Jews. The king, without being aware that these people were Esther’s people, granted permission because they hadn’t been following his religious edicts.

            When Esther learned of this, she approached the king after three days of fasting. She requested that Haman be invited to a dinner she had prepared for him. He was summoned instantly. At dinner that night, the king asked if Esther had any other requests. She requested that Haman come the next night then she would reveal her wish to the king. So it was granted and Haman would come the next night. Haman went home, beaming with joy. Although, he stated to his family that he could not enjoy it while Mordecai was still sitting by the King’s gate. So, he had a gallows made that was 75 feet high and made a plan to convince the king to let him hang Mordecai.

            That evening, the king could not sleep so he started going through the record books and came across Mordecai’s great deed of revealing the two guards’ plot against him and determined that he needed to be rewarded for this. He had Haman complete his rewarding process. Later that evening, Haman appeared to the dinner that Esther had prepared just as he had the previous night. The king then asked Esther a second time, “Queen Esther, what would you like?” She replied, “If I have found favor in your eyes, O King, and if it pleases the king, give me my life, and give my people their lives. We’ve been sold, I and my people, to be destroyed sold to be massacred, eliminated. If we had just been sold off into slavery, I wouldn’t even have brought it up; our troubles wouldn’t have been worth bothering the king over.” She then revealed that it was Haman who caused all this trouble. He was ordered to be executed and, ironically, was hung on the very gallows that he had created for Mordecai. Esther, although she endured the loss of her true love and the persecution of her people, ended up being the hero of the day for the Jews. She has and always will be looked up to as one of the heroic women of the Bible.

Samson The Wrestler

By – Steven Friend
Back in 94 there were a lot of great wrestlers. They were much better than today. They were tough, strong, and didn’t use steroids. One of the Wrestlers was super good. His name was Samson Red.
Samson Red was as strong as an ox. His muscles almost popped out of his skin. He needed muscles to hold his other muscles in place. Samson Red was really strong.
Samson Red was “undefeatable”. No one could defeat him. He would punch them once and they were out of the ring. He held the world championship for wrestling. He was just the best fighter ever.
Samson Red was really famous too. One time he went to go fight someone privately and someone saw him. The person was quick to let everyone know where he was. Samson spent the night in a hotel while everyone watched for him. The people waited for him to fight in the morning; but Samson got up in the middle of the night and headed on to his party.
Samson had a blast at his party. While he was there he fell in love with a girl. Her name was Da Lila and she was a gangsta. She was a very mean gangsta too. Samson didn’t really trust her but he liked her anyway.
Samson was right about not trusting her. He was right because she betrayed him. She stole his secret disk he hides in his left sock. What was so important about the disk though?
Samson was in trouble. He really needed that disk. It held a clip of how he gets so strong. Samson thought to himself, though, “Maybe it’s best they see the disk.” Da Lila showed the disk to the other wrestlers, but all that was on it was a picture of Samson praying. The wrestlers got down on their hands and knees, but nothing happened. None of them were Christian, so they weren’t really praying.
Samson Red got all his strength from God. God was, and is, and will always be more powerful than any wrestler. God’s not only more powerful than any wrestler, but He is more powerful than anything and anyone.
If you thought Samson was powerful then you should see God. You can’t just pray for God to make you strong. That’s not what Samson did. He loved God, and accepted Him, and chose His side. Now that I told you the story of Samson Red, you should know how powerful God is, and you should take His side.


I had just gotten back from Bethlehem and had gone to visit my harvesting fields. That is when I first saw her. After I had greeted my harvesters by saying; “The LORD be with you!” and with them replying; “The LORD bless you!” I turned to my overseer. I asked him: “Who does she belong to?” I was told that she came here with Naomi and has been in the field since morning and that she asked if she could gather grain along side the harvesters.

After I found this out, I approached her. I told her not glean in any other field and that she could drink from the mens water jars. I told her that the men will not bother her either. When I said this, she bowed down and asked why. I just said it was because of everything she has done for Naomi. I then fed her and warned my men. Continue reading


By – Skyler Griffin

What is my purpose? Here I am, about to kill to make a quick buck. The thrill, leaves me so empty. I do whatever I want and yet I am not happy; why is this? But I am getting ahead of myself, I am Barabbas. I grew up on the streets, no one to baby me. This made me strong, stronger than most. I also viewed myself as a very realistic down to earth fellow. I have not succumbed to all of this god nonsense. I was privileged not to be brainwashed by this rather widespread fairytale as a child like most. I view the world as it is, cruel and unforgiving. And if you are unlucky enough to be born into the lowest class of peasants like myself, well, then you have to play off your own strengths, make do with what you were born with. I was not apprenticed as a child so I know no other skill than I thought myself as a kid, stealing. I was good at it too.

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Wonderful Child

Wonderful Child
By: Gabby Hayes
Today was the day when my son will be with his father in heaven. Today was the day when my son
Jesus will be nailed to the cross for believing in Christ and loving him. He was such a Wonderful and happy boy. He always tried to please everybody. Now he will be in heaven. Oh I remember when it was Mother’s Day and he did not have any have any money so he made me a necklace out of he sheep fur and some shells and pebbles. It was the sweetest thing! He also once made me breakfast in bed when I was sick and made the Thanksgiving dinner. He was amazing cook. Which is nice since I am a horrible cook. When he was five he could walk so he would start taking care of our flocks. He always had a thing for animals. Once a wolf got hold of one of our goats and he chased it for a mile, then beat it to death and saved our goat Billy. He was such a mama’s boy. I loved spending time with him. He also loved to help the elderly people cross the street. He would jump out of the car to go and just help him.

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